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A Rise of 6% in Applications to Study Nursing As Compared To Last Year

The whole country is facing an outbreak of Covid-19 where it has caused consequences to every corner. It has affected nursing agency the most as healthcare workers and nurses have been facing a lot of challenges since then. Despite all this, the latest reports suggest an increase of 6% applications to study nursing as compared to last year’s academic results.

This increase proves the worth of nursing staff as a life-changing career. Undoubtedly, it’s not possible without the restless efforts of healthcare recruitment such as healthcare recruitment agencies London that remain on the frontline to provide the vital nursing staff. Being the top-ranked healthcare recruitment agency Reading, Howard Finely Care ensures providing the qualified nurses to the healthcare sector.

According to the data from the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS), 45,430 applicants have applied to a nursing degree by January this year, a rise of 6% as compared to 43,630 applicants in 2019. However, due to the outbreak of Covid-19 where the government is expecting a risky second wave, many nursing courses are not fully accessible by the students. The applications are still being accepted for round about 40% of adult nursing and social work courses in the 2020 cycle that will start from September or October.

The statistics issued by the UCAS show the demographics of people interested in a nursing degree. The last year’s analysis shows the black ethnic group (20%) as the major applicants of nursing. Men applying for nursing has increased up to 8.5% in 2019 when compared with the previous years.

Health and social care secretary said that “Covid-19 has reinforced the fact that nursing is a life-changing career, and it is excellent to see people applying for nursing irrespective of their background differences.” He further urged everyone to consider a nursing career and get started this year.

Being situated in Reading, Howard Finley has been providing nursing recruitment for many years. In such a worse situation, healthcare recruitment agencies in Reading remained upfront when it comes to nursing agency supply. The increase of 8% of applicants in nursing can yield positive outcomes for the country however, the courses are yet to be fully available as soon as the Covid-19 peak diminishes.


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