Honesty and Integrity – At Howard Finley we understand that we are only as good as our word. Throughout our business we focus on transparency and to achieve this we have a cultural drive to be open. We have clear processes for candidates and client to raise issues and provide feedback in a confidential manner. Our Consultants don’t shirk away from telling the truth and dealing with the reality of a situation.

Candidate and Client Focus – Throughout the recruitment process, we ensure that the needs of clients and candidates come first. We tailor our service to match the needs of our client, ensuring a personal experience throughout. We will always focus on delivering the best possible experience.

Commitment and Connectivity- The job market is becoming more competitive every year. Candidates are being approached by 10’s of companies at once whilst clients find themselves in bidding wars for the best talent on the market. We counter this by applying cutting edge recruitment processes, ensuring we can deliver the high quality service we are synonymous with. This means that our clients don’t miss out when it counts, and candidates have a controlled job search, engaging with the best and well suited potential employees in there sector and area.

Responsibility and accountability – Commitment and Connectivity – Howard Finley has always had a policy of putting 110% into every requirement, going the extra mile to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients and candidates. We also recognise that without constant open and honest communication between all parties involved, the process can suffer. For that reason we ensure we are accessible at all times through various communication methods with multiple Howard Finley employees aware of each process.

Innovation – Responsibility and Accountability – From the outset, we have developed clear internal processes that ensure we track every action taken by Howard Finley. This means we can constantly feedback into our processes and ensure we are taking the correct action. We also don’t shirk from responsibility and encourage every action to be accounted for. This is vital, as without trust we cannot provide the level of service we strive for.

Our Culture

Howard Finley is all about providing our candidates and clients with the best service possible. Our main focus is you, we promise to achieve results and provide a great and honest service. We understand the dynamics of the industries and will continue to provide innovative support to grow together with the market.

Howard Finley’s culture comes from its Consultants. We have a broad range of consultants with backgrounds as various and diverse as the sectors we recruit in. By using their experiences and ideas, we have created an atmosphere that encourages the best possible service whilst ensuring we can deliver, no matter the challenge.

If you want to ask about Howard Finley please feel to contact our team using our ‘Contact Us’ page.