When you’re a highly qualified and experienced IT, Construction, Healthcare or Engineering professional, you need someone to look after your career interests who is equally professional in their approach. Many of our clients start getting to know us by asking us for some business intelligence on the kinds of opportunities that might be available to them. At this stage, they may not be considering a move in the near term. Our consultants understand this – they’re not here to push jobs at you, they’re here to build an understanding of what’s important to you in your working life, in both the medium and long term.

Jobs in Engineering, Construction, Healthcare and IT tend to have high workloads, so understandably, most professionals in these areas don’t have time to spend networking and finding out about unadvertised opportunities. They’re happy to delegate that to us, so that they can get on with their current commitments. We use a very wide range of intelligence sources, from social media to industry networking events and company profiles, to find out about current opportunities, and those that will present themselves in the future. These are the roles that get filled before they are ever advertised – often by candidates we have recommended.

These are dynamic sectors – they can also be turbulent, and first-rate professionals can find themselves being made redundant because of a change in corporate direction that is no reflection on their expertise or professionalism. Some people in this position ask us to help them take a slightly different direction. Others want us to move quickly to get them into another role. Quite often, we can help them move to a better post than the one they held previously. This is often an opportunity to change location, or get a better work/life balance.