Consultants and contractors in IT, Engineering, Healthcare and Construction are a special breed. Not only do they have to be qualified, skilled and experienced, they also have to hit the ground running when they’re assigned to a new project, including getting on top of the project brief and working with a new project team. Contract work builds resilience and independence, but it also comes with its own challenges, particularly in the area of finding a new contract and negotiating rates, terms and conditions.

At Howard Finley, we’re in the contract market all the time, so we have up-to-the-minute intelligence on rates across all sectors, for specific skills, and in different regions of the UK and abroad. We can tell you what current rates are, find you a great contract and relieve you of much of the paperwork.

Because we also place people in permanent roles, we’re always talking to IT, Engineering, Healthcare and Construction companies about their resourcing needs, so we get to hear about contract opportunities that contract-only agencies never know about. The same applies to CV mills – they will pester you with completely unsuitable contracts, in the wrong location. When we put a consultant’s or contractor’s CV in front of one of our clients, they know that the initial sift has already taken place, and this person is someone who is right for the contract.


We understand that a change of permanent job is not a decision that candidates take likely. Career progression, improvement in compensation, location and work/life balance may all be factors that influence your thinking. Candidates often come to us because they themselves can’t find the opportunities they are looking for – even though they are sure these exist.

The good news is that they do, but the majority of jobs in IT, Construction, Healthcare and Engineering are not advertised. The companies and organisations in this sector tend to work with recruitment specialists they know and trust. Employers don’t want to be inundated with unsuitable candidates and they know that by working with Howard Finley, they’ll be introduced to candidates who are suitable and capable. They also appreciate that we have contacts throughout the relevant industry sectors and across the UK. We know candidates who aren’t looking to move yet, but who might consider a particularly rewarding opportunity.

However, we don’t trawl; we’ll never randomly phone you and try to sell you on a job. We have consultants who understand both the IT, Construction, Healthcare and Engineering industries and the people who work in them and who are dedicated to doing their very best to help you fulfil both your career and life aspirations. Because of our industry knowledge, we won’t distract you with vacancies that aren’t right for you. And if you need to make a move quickly, we’ll pull out all the stops, activate all of our networks, call our contacts and get you settled into a new opportunity as soon as possible.