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A Motion of Testing for and Health and Social Care Workers Voted Down

A motion brought forward by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, alongside Dr. Rosena Allin-Khan, got voted down by the MPs. According to this motion, “A routine weekly testing program should be implemented for all the NHS and social care staff to ensure the continuity of services throughout the year by resuming the safe NHS services.” The motion called on government and despite having the support from the experts, MPs turned down the motion.

It is voted down by the 331 Conservative MPs. As the motion got rejected, the government promised to introduce “regular surveillance testing of staff” but didn’t provide further details that how this would work. As the hundreds of staff workers have died due to Covid-19, nursing recruitment has become more important than before filling up the vacancies to combat this pandemic.

As the second wave is expected to hit the country, nursing agency needs tireless efforts from healthcare recruitment agencies UK. Jonathan Ashworth, Shadow Health Secretary said, “We accept and understand the fact that the ministers have made mistakes since the outbreak of this unusual pandemic.

Throughout the crisis healthcare recruitment agencies reading, Ministers have been slow and the response was disorganized. Despite all of this, Ministers can learn from their mistakes, putting a mass testing program in place and starting from NHS staff at first as it’s vital for our National Health Service” According to the spokesperson for the Department of Social and Health Care, “We would continue ensuring that NHS staff has everything they need to provide high-quality care to the public sector as we have already done this throughout the Covid-19 crisis.” In such tough times, healthcare recruitment agencies Reading such as Howard Finley ensures providing the vital staff.

Undoubtedly, testing for the health and social care workers even if they don’t have symptoms should be the priority.


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