Construction Jobs in London

Type of Construction Jobs in London

Leading construction agencies are searching for a comprehensive service from the labour supply agencies in London for construction jobs in London. London’s construction industry produced revenue of around 500 million last year. After the break out of Covid-19, the construction industry has experienced severe losses. Howard Finley has been there as a guiding angel to supply cheap labour to the leading agencies. 

Howard Finley started their journey in 2016. The last five years have been like a rollercoaster ride to the agency. In the mid of thousands of hardships and adversities, Howard Finley has explored an ocean of opportunities. Expert labourers in construction agencies should strive for better opportunities. This is has been the only motto of Howard Finley. Therefore, they have created thousands of options in Construction Jobs London. 

There is not a single field domain in the construction field that they have no expert to offer. Howard Finley offers:

  • Electrician
  • Carpenters
  • Welfare Labourers
  • Chain Person
  • Telescopic Forklift Drivers
  • Banksman/Slinger
  • Steel Fixers
  • Groundworkers
  • ● Bricklayers

These are just the tips of the iceberg. Plasterers, decorators, dry liners, site engineers, ceramic tiles, and thousands of other fields fall under our construction jobs in LondonSo, there is no scarcity of the project. 

Construction Jobs in London

Recruiting Process of Construction Jobs in London

While it comes to the recruitment process of Howard Finley, it becomes a process worth remembering. The experts in every field go through the labourers’ CVs. Your previous experience in the area works like magic. Howard Finley welcomes you on board when you fulfil all their criteria. The primary criteria are:


Experience is the foremost thing to consider when the experts are recruiting labourers. In the construction industry, there is nothing like experience. The construction jobs hide danger in every corner. So, the labour must know how to deal with them efficiently. Though Howard Finley will provide all necessary precautions for hazards, the labour must know how to save himself while engaged in one of such critical construction jobs in London.


The daily wage of labourers depends on where he resides. So, the location is indeed an essential factor. The near a labourer lives, the lower the project’s budget becomes. Therefore, Howard Finley considers location as one of the most crucial aspects during the interview. 


The availability of the labourer matters a lot. The labourer must attend the site on time. A minute’s late can lead the project to utter damage. Construction is teamwork. Anyone missing from the site will impact the entire process. 


If you want to survive in Construction Jobs London, you must show expertise. Howard Finley takes this as paramount. Expertise determines the labourer’s attitude towards his work. Construction labour must have a go-get-it attitude. The construction site demands expert labourers who can handle almost any situation. 


Professionalism is indeed a factor to think upon. If labour is not professional enough, he won’t ever understand the importance of the job. Therefore, the labour should develop a professional attitude in him. 

Agreement on Payment Structure 

When all the criteria match with the labourer, the interviewers ask for payment structure. If the labour already knows the standard payment structure, he will join Howard Finley instantly as their payment structure is pretty handsome. 

Client Dealing Process

The interview’s last step comes to a demo of the client dealing process. The labourers are the driving force of a construction agency. Without them, no construction jobs in London are complete. Also, they’re the more frontline who deal with the customers. Therefore, the interviewers check their attitude towards the customers.

So, if you’re applying for any of the Construction Jobs London at Howard Finley, these are the basic guidelines to follow. Shining in the construction industry is guaranteed when you shake hands with the best construction labour supply agency in London, Howard Finley.



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