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Top 5 Factors Affecting Productivity Of The Labours From The Tip Construction Labour Supply Agency

Construction projects will be stagnant without a sufficient supply of labour. To accelerate the pace of any construction project and submit it on time, you must recruit active labourers. Recently, the UK Department of Labour has issued some new regulations regarding the labour’s security and safety at the workplace.

After years of trials, the law has been passed finally that says, “Construction Labour Supply should supply labours only under particular circumstances and on condition.” The construction agencies that don’t provide sufficient labour safety will be deprived of labours.

Besides, some factors keep affecting the productivity of the labourers. Besides weather conditions, there are multiple factors related to the loss of productivity. Howard Finley abides by the government regulations thoroughly and seals the deal with the construction companies that correspond to the government rules. Let’s check out some of the factors affecting construction labourers’ productivity.


Adverse weather is a significant cause of lost productivity on a construction project. Howard Finley supplies well trained labours to work in adverse weather conditions. But, working in a severe condition is not possible sometimes. So, the project suffers from the loss of productivity. Our labours are also not paid adequately. So, bad weather conditions make both the project and the labours suffer simultaneously.

Out Of Sequence Work

Every project should have an anticipated method. The labours from our construction labour supply design their projects according to that particular sequence. When they have to modify their work plan due to the owner’s interferences or delays, the project suffers from a loss of productivity. The labours now have to work around the unforeseen event.

Crowding And Stacking Trades

When multiple trade constructors are within a similar area, that affects the working method severely. The crowding and stacking of trade can have a significant impact on labor productivity, and courts have recognized a loss of efficiency experienced by a mechanical subcontractor when the general contractor accelerated the work, causing overcrowding on the project, increased man-hours, and unavailability of materials.


Fatigue and increased absenteeism due to scheduled overtime work can harm productivity. Again, the underlying cause must be compensable for these types of impacts to be recoverable. Our construction labour supply looks after the labours’ mental health as well as physical health. So, we don’t encourage the culture of overtime.

Restricted Site Access

When the owner gives access to our labours a restriction over the site access, creates obstacles for them. The labours don’t cross a certain boundary. Thus, most of the places stay untouched. Whenever the labourers’ access is limited to the site, it affects their anticipated method. Thus, productivity is hindered.

How Howard Finley, The Best Construction Labour Supply, Overcomes All The Adversity

Howard Finley is believed to be the best construction labour supply agency in the UK. People have trusted us more than once. We’re one of the most recommended construction labour supply agencies in London and neighbouring areas.

Our excellent recruitment team recruits labourers who have years of experience and knowledge. We were functional during the pandemic too. So, the adverse weather condition is not a big challenge for us. Labourers from Howard Finley use all the necessary equipment and precautions to complete the project on time. We prioritise our labours’ safety more than anything else. Therefore, our construction labour supply agency is chosen again and again by the labourers and the leading construction agencies.


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