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How do construction agencies in UK perceive the industrial trends of 2021?

The last year, 2020, was memorable for every industry after the Coronavirus spread across the world. Ongoing construction projects were closed down, new projects got delayed, project budget increased, workers had no choice but to stop working and many more sad stories have been hovering around in the air since the first lockdown was announced. However, we all are together in this fight. We all believe closing down the construction sites helped in stopping or slowing down the deadly virus.

The second half of the year was quite promising in terms of recruitment as construction activities increased comparatively yet not in full-fledged. As March 2021 is about to commence soon, let us have a look at how the perceptions of construction agencies in UK have changed since the UK National Lockdown in March 2020.

Trends to influence construction agencies in UK

The perceptions about construction recruitment are highly influenced by the market trends. These trends come and go depending on the political, economic and social dynamism. Hence, in 2021, the recruitment trends of the construction industry is about to create a deep impact on the functions of construction agencies.  

The threats of a pandemic: 

As discussed above, the pandemic affected construction sites worldwide throughout the last year. This 2021 is not going to be very different than that. However, with the arrival of the vaccine, industrialists are being hopeful regarding future opportunities. Understanding the fear among both candidates and employers, construction agencies are recruiting only for the sites where safety and sanitisation are maintained cautiously. Construction agencies in UK are now very particular about supplying resources to the sites where the sanitisation process has been implied strictly by the authority. Starting from the candidate to the clients, everybody wants to stay assured regarding the cleaning and social distancing protocols. The recruitment is necessary as smaller teams are assigned to carry out tasks in shifts to avoid large gatherings. This is going to be the scenario across industries throughout this year. Simultaneously, construction professionals are emphasizing more on using necessary PPE kit on site along with the practice of hand washing and social distancing. 

The impact of BREXIT:

UK has been facing a skill shortage for construction workers for a long time now. It has been observed that the current construction workforce consists of 8% of EU residents. It highlights opportunities for outsourcing in the coming years.  As per the recent news, former EU residents who have been living in the UK before 31st December 2020 will continue to do so until 30th June of this year. Candidates who have plans to continue working with the current employers, they need to apply for settled status within a stipulated timeline. EU residents, hired after December, must come with a visa to have a secure employment status in UK. Construction agencies have started functioning keeping these facts in mind already. 

The trend of welcoming Modular Construction 

Construction agencies are yet to promote the trend of modular construction as not many people are aware of that. With the rise of COVID-19, construction authorities are taking the process off-site. In this situation, off-site construction makes perfect sense. This helps prevent the disease too. Modular Construction is designed to avoid high on-site worker density in a large airy place. For such quick short-term solutions require more workers in small groups to carry out the responsibilities. With the emergence of the concept, construction agencies are looking for more opportunities to promote this trend among candidates all across the UK and beyond.

Sustainable constructions mean sustainable recruitments 

Construction professionals have learnt the importance of sustainability after the pandemic happened out of the blue. Henceforth, the industry is looking forward to addressing the areas to improve. Making those areas edgy and efficient over the time of thirty years is going to make the construction industry more sustainable. Contributing to the environment, the industry is encouraging companies to go with recycled materials. Candidates always want to work with a company who is responsible enough in their activities and practices. Agencies are promoting such companies more to recruit more long term employees and workers in the future.  

Why are construction agencies in London continuously encouraging diversity in the workplace?

People perceive the diverse workplace as more of a special quality of any business in the twenty-first century. It allows varied international talents to come together and work. Besides, companies get to explore different perceptions across communities and orientations. It makes them more open-minded and help take decisions on broader levels. 

Since the term globalization has been popularized, exchanging ideas and business opportunities have become normal in an international business scenario. Construction industries are not any exception here.

It is not the priority when companies recruit new employees but surely it adds value to the current workforce. Construction agencies in London try to keep this trend in mind while resourcing talents and welcoming them on board. 

Construction agencies in London understand the value of recruiting diverse talents 

Apart from carrying the status of a multi-cultural or multi-lingual company, diversity can bring more than just appreciations. It invites fresh ideas, varied mindsets and values along with new business connections. The current workforce gets enriched by new knowledge and perception from the people of diverse background around them. Here are some benefits of the diverse workplace for which construction agencies in Reading encourage candidates to join one. 

  • Bringing innovations with shared knowledge & experiences: A multi-cultural workplace consists of people who grew up amidst different cultural and literary backgrounds. Needless to say, their life experiences, lessons, childhood memories of festivals are not the same for all. 

However, when they meet in one workplace together, everyone gets to share their stories. Every experience brings value to the business. An environment of knowledge sharing helps establish new commercial relationships and maintain those in the long run. Construction companies have reported increased production having such diverse talents on the floor as well. 

Hence, construction agencies in Reading have been trying to resource talents keeping such industry trends in mind. 

  • Promoting a discrimination-free, modern workplace: In London, construction agencies in Reading give special preference to diverse workplaces as such employers give everyone equal opportunities and treat everyone the same. Employees also enjoy having such a work environment that is free from stereotypes and unnecessary harassment. These policies make a workplace more credible to future stakeholders and outsiders too. 

Diversity Brings Sustainability

Last but not the least, employees tend to retain their job role as they get to share their experience, ideas and participate in decision making. People become more tolerant, open-minded and culturally intelligent. 


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