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Frequently Asked Questions To A Construction Labour Supply Agency

London is an industrial hub. Since 1800 after the industrial revolution, it has never stopped being the heart of England. This is 2022 and the city has not lost its charm even a bit. The leading construction labour supply agency in the country, Howard Finley’s chairman says, “The construction industry is one of the greatest industries in this country. The country earns 7% of its GDP from this industry. Almost 8 million people are engaged in this industry directly or indirectly.” Labours from different provinces come and join Howard Finley every year. Besides, creating a great employment opportunity, Howard Finley is contributing its part to the country’s growth. Our trained and skilled labours are providing some out-of-the-box service to the construction industry. Therefore, our construction labour supply agency has been the point of trust for many. 

Clients like us as we provide the best service and maintain clarity. So, they never hesitate to ask us these questions. 

  1. Do you have a legal registration?

Ans. Yes, we do have legal registration. Our license is renewed every year. We strictly abide by the rules of the British government. Therefore, working with us becomes easier. There is absolutely no risk or you don’t face any obstacle. To work with us, you don’t need to be any popular or leading construction agency. Howard Finley works with everyone. No matter what magnitude your construction agency belongs to. We’re here to offer you excellently skilled construction labourers. 

2. How large is your team?

Ans. Clients often ask us this question about the number of team members. Howard Finley is one of the largest construction labour supply agencies in England. Not only London, but our service has also reached Reading and Berkshire and many other suburbs. So, we have to build a strong team for our construction labour supply agency. We treasure our team. Each labour in our agency is highly qualified and has expertise in several domains. As we provide a complete solution for the construction labour supply, people have immense faith in us. 

3. Do you supply labour for only concrete work?

Ans. Howard Finley identifies them as an all-in-one labour supply agency in London. Therefore, besides concrete works, we supply labour for every field like bricklaying, cementing, tiling, and a thousand other domains. So, call us for complete assistance.

4. How can I book your service? 

Ans. Howard Finley is active both on online and offline platforms. You can get in touch with us through emails or calls. It’s better if you book our service a little bit in advance. As we’re one of the most recommended agencies in London, we stay busy all around the year. Therefore, a booking can confirm your partnership with our construction labour supply agency. 

5. How many years of experience do you have?

Ans. Howard Finley was the backbone of England’s construction agency while it was ravaged by the bad effects of Brexit and Covid-19. Since 2016, Howard Finley has been a constant pillar of support for the construction industry in London. We’ve continued to supply quality labourers for years. 

6. Can I book your service in a package? 

Ans. Yes, you can. It’s already been mentioned that we’re up for complete assistance. So, no matter what assistance you need. It can be for one job or multiple. You can book our service in a package and enjoy amazing seasonal discounts. 

Howard Finley: Creating Creating New Definition For Construction Labour Supply Agency

When it comes to construction labour supply, Howard Finley is irreplaceable. We’re the best of all labour supply agencies in London. After working with multiple national and international construction agencies, we’ve gained amazing confidence and reputation. 

Since 2016, you have had to book different construction labour supply agencies for different purposes. This is the first time that you’re getting a complete package at a place. Howard Finley is indeed a one-stop solution for construction labour supply. We’re your partners in all your ups and downs. Once you have faith in us, success is just a matter of time. 


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