Northampton General Hospital Uses Robotic Process Automation Technology

With the advancement in technology, the industries are getting revolutionized. When it comes to the healthcare sector in the UK, the Northampton General Hospital leads the race by introducing the Robotic Automation Technology. The World is dealing with the huge crisis of the Covid-19 Pandemic. This situation is getting worse with each passing day. Obviously, it has impacted the working in the healthcare sector as the number of patients increase. With a tremendously increasing number of patients, resources are limited to deal with them. However, Northampton Hospital has overcome this problem as RPA technology helps in providing computer assistance to the staff.
Gathering the data is such a crisis was a major observed problem. To tackle such a situation, RPA technology uses software robots to gather the data more accurately and efficiently. As the number of patient increases, more oxygen and ventilators are required to meet their medical needs. Managing the supply and flow of oxygen has become a major issue seen by the hospital. When it comes to a traditional way, a staff member is required to gather the data manually by taking the readings and logging into the system. It takes 24 hours of working time. Besides, it is a less accurate and inefficient way. In this method, more human input is required and it becomes difficult to take readings in such a worse situation.
For that reason, Robotic Process Automation Technology helps in doing the same task without human interference. Northampton General Hospital has become successful in creating the first bot which helps the team providing an accurate reading. With this initiative, a team can work and provide support to other departments in the hospital without worrying about information as they can monitor the data 24 hours with the help of RPA Technology.
Undoubtedly, this achievement of General Hospital should be a roadmap for other hospitals in the UK. Northampton General Hospital has utilized Robotic Process Automation technology when it needed the most. With such a great initiative, the hospital ensures in providing exceptional care services to the patients.


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