Our Engineering division is now a well-established part of the business. Our consultants are region-specific providing local expertise to ensure a personalized service tailored specifically to meet your recruitment needs. We are one of the best agencies of engineering recruitment in London.


We are here to advise clients and candidates on the changing infrastructure of the engineering sectors and market trends. As engineering recruitment agency in Reading and London we have a very close relationship with our clients and our team of experienced managers often feature on industry blogs and related engineering press.

We specialize across all sectors including Power, Aerospace, Automotive, Machinery, Oil and Gas, Defence, Electrical & Electronics, Rail, Marine, Utilities, Food & Drink Manufacturing.

For any requirements get in touch with us today and the right consultant will be more than happy to help.


Why Choose Us For Engineering Recruitment in London and Reading Agency?

Howard Finley thrives to build trust and meaningful relationships with global clients and candidates while operating business. The global engineer recruitment industry is expanding day by day. Being guided by the specialists, candidates are now more aware and informed regarding the job market. We have the knowledge of the best opportunities across industries. This is what makes us one of the best agencies for engineering recruitment in London and Reading.


Meeting Industry Standards With The Help of Amicable Service Personnel:

Our experts have extensive knowledge of the industry. Each of the engineering recruitment London is a two way process that offers benefits to both the parties: candidates and clients. Our engineering recruitment agency Reading consultants are friendly, prompt and provide professional guidance to support both the clients and engineering candidates throughout the process.


As One of  The Best Engineering Recruitment in London Your Trust Motivates Us:

All our existing clients and candidates trust us with our expertise. People depend on us for our efficiency and experience. We have become successful to convince our clients that we are the experts they need to handle engineering recruitment in London.

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Choose Howard Finley As the Best Engineering Recruitment Agency in Reading

When you’re in quest of the best engineer in London, Howard Finley stands beside you. We’re a reliable service for engineering recruitment in London. Qualified engineers from the leading institutes of the country join our projects. Howard Finley has expertise in recruiting labours in various fields. Besides, construction site, medical ground; we recruit engineers too. Whether it’s a boiler engineer or an architect; we have everyone on board. Our motto is to reach out to you in the shortest span to extend our helping hand as much as possible. Customers have always vouched for us. We’re a trusted brand for engineering recruitment in Reading.

Besides, serving different fields, Howard Finley helps you stick to your budget. The expertise of our labour is worth the charge they demand. It’s very challenging to find trained labours at such a price in London. As Howard Finley never recruits untrained engineers, we can assure you about a quality project. Therefore, our engineering recruitment agency in Reading is the most recommended. Our working process is also a smooth one. Follow the steps to get the best service from us:

● Call us at the given number

● Tell us your requirement

● Take a quote from us

● If you’re ready to seal the deal, let us know once

● Our engineers will be on the spot as soon as your project starts

We approach both the professionals and freshers to join us. Howard Finley’s special training team will train you. Here, we promise you an amazing work ambience. We’re one of the most hired engineering recruitment agencies in Reading. Therefore, we assure you of uninterrupted projects. Howard Finley prioritizes their clients and employees at the same time. So, you’ll never be running out of projects. There is economical security and professional satisfaction undoubtedly. Join us today for an amazing experience.