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What Makes Us Different Than Other Healthcare Recruitment Agency in London?

There are thousands of aspirants each year who look for a prestigious job in healthcare and medical sector in London, UK. Howard Finley is here to lead you towards your desired career and a job that suits you the best. With the reputation of the best healthcare recruitment agency in London, our focus is to find out the most efficient professionals for healthcare and medical sector across UK.

While searching for a suitable job in this field, candidates may come across with numerous consultants. We assure your meeting with a consultant with a minimum of five years industry experience.  The first and foremost priority of our consultants is to understand the skillset of each candidate along with the personal preferences. Keeping the primary data in mind, our professionals help you to choose your next step in career among the multiple suggestions. Candidates keep on choosing Howard Finley as they find us reliable as a healthcare recruitment agency in London. Read on to know what makes us stay ahead of the curve while finding right job opportunities for the right health professional.    

Qualities that makes a healthcare recruitment agency in London extraordinary

  1. Customised web conference tools: The current situation is still sensitive as far as the pandemic is concerned. However, healthcare sector needs more of the efficient resources with good knowledge and experience at the same time. Using video conference tools not only let employers maintain the primary rules of social distancing but also help introduce them with international talents. Interview can begin with just one click without spending extra money on arrangements.
  2. Have access to a wider talent pool: As candidates can sign up for an interview even from their smartphone, the process has become easier and the communication stronger. It is one of the convenient and the most contemporary interview format that every health recruitment agency in London must follow. Candidates who do not live in nearby locations, they can also enjoy benefits from this. To be honest geographic barrier is not even a problem in this process. Hence, we can pool talents who are not even discovered by other agencies.
  3. On-job training and growth programmes: As geographical barriers are no longer an issue, language could be one. Hence, to sharpen English skills of the professionals, we provide IELTS language programmes to elevate their confidence and contribute in their career growth. Newly recruited international nursing and medical professionals attend boot camps regularly to interact and understand patient issues on a wide scale.
  4. Competitive and transparent pricing policy: While candidates find consultants expensive, we offer services at a very competitive price. Our pricing policy is highly transparent and is created to make both the national and international recruitment more affordable.

Moreover, last but not the least, we are dedicated in delivering innovative stuffing solutions to all aspirants across UK and beyond. We recruit for public, private sectors and NGOs too. Get in touch with us to save a suitable place for yourself as a medical and health professional.


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