Construction labour agency

What is the function of a Construction labour agency?

If you are searching for a job and wondering what kind of job you can try as a fresher, you can consult a construction labour agency like Howard Finley. They will provide you with various job options from which you can choose one of your choices. In this writing, you will discover some of the construction-related jobs and the roles you need to play.

Site Engineer

As the name suggests, the work is related to the construction site. The construction labour agency can recommend this role if you are from a civil engineering background or any other certified technical background. Here you have to plan, design and build the infrastructure of the building. You need to use your skill and guide the construction labour to build a robust construction. The job role of the civil engineer is to quality check all the construction items required to construct the building to provide a premium service to the users.

Welfare labourers

This is also a significant job role that the construction labour agency suggests for graduate candidates from any recognized universities or diploma in social work. The part of welfare labourers is to look after the interest of the workers working on the construction site. Welfare labourers are the middle man who reaches out to the authority with questions or grievances raised by the administration or the workers. It is a crucial job role as they need to maintain a cordial relationship between the labourers and the management for smooth completion of the construction.

Traffic Marshal

If the construction is a related road or even for a multi-complex building, there is often a demand for a traffic marshal in the construction labour agency. A traffic marshal can earn more than 27,000 pounds on average. Suppose you want to join as a traffic marshal. In that case, you need to prove to the labour agency that you have the excellent verbal ability and attention level to take care of the pedestrian and the vehicles on or near the construction site.

Crane Operator 

If you know how to operate a crane, then a construction labour agency can also provide you with the role of a crane operator. Crane operators played a significant role in a construction site. They needed to move heavy rods and cemented beams, even marble slabs, to the top of the building, which is impossible to carry with human strength.

360 excavator operators

They are also an integral part of a construction site like crane operators. You have to dig the earth by driving a 360-digger machine in this job. So, your role is to excavate waste or even soil from the ground before the construction begins. You can earn more than 30,000 pounds on average in this job. You only need to inform the construction labour agency that you have a Construction Plant Competence Scheme card to apply for this job.


If you are an architecture student, the construction site agency can suggest you apply for this role to design the building structure. You can also opt for the decorator’s job role if you are an exterior or interior designer. Here you need to create the interior of the building to make it attractive for buyers. Even if you are a painter, you can grab this role where you have to design the building with your artistic skills.

Contact the best Construction labour agency in the UK.

If you are a resident of the UK and are in search of a construction labour agency, then you should contact Howard Finley. They will come up to you with the best job according to your qualification. If your qualification does not match the job descriptions discussed above, don’t worry; they offer many other construction-related job roles.


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