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Trades and Labour Supply Shortage in The Building Construction Industry & The Solution

The construction industry is very much workforce specific. In such an industry, the shortage of skilled labour might cause heavy interruptions at work. It has been observed that a shortage of skilled manpower and insufficient trades and labour supply are growing to be the biggest problems in the construction sector. 

The skilled workforce plays a very important part in the success of every construction project. To deliver a construction project on time, skilled manpower is necessary in the first place. Hence, the shortage implies a negative effect on construction projects’ timelines. The successful project delivery and the right execution of a plan depend on an sufficient amount of trades and labour supply.

The contractors found it difficult to attract skilled labour for their numerous projects due to the high demand for such a workforce. The problem intensifies because many of the available skilled workers lack the necessary skills in the respective trade areas. Hence, being a recruitment agency trades and labour supply is Howard Finley’s one of the major responsibilities. 

However, the extent of shortage differs from one trade to another. In the construction industry, this has put pressure on project delivery in the country. Identifying the trade areas with a shortage of manpower and needed characteristics, we help our clients to possess skilled employees in the region by maintaining a seamless trade and labour supply.

The challenges behind trade and labour supply: 

It is clear to us that with a lack of trade and labour supply in the construction industry, human capital must remain sustainable all year round. The labour supply has directly to deal with the country’s economy instead of the sector only. The challenge has always been to keep a balance between trade and labour supply and the demand of the market. With us, our clients do not have to face serious consequences on construction productivity and the quality of a construction project. 

How do we help clients to achieve a sufficient workforce with trade and labour supply services

As a construction recruitment specialist, we offer simple yet effective solutions with 100% pricing transparency. Understanding the trade requirements and scarcity of labours, we offer the skills possessed by industry professionals who have both knowledge and experience. We aim to source high-quality candidates in the construction industry. We focus on sourcing trained and accredited people for several roles – including joiners, plant operators, hod carriers, and site managers on both permanent and temporary basis.

Contact and solve your workforce issues with our trade and labour supply services. Get in touch with us today!


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