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Top Reasons To Pivot Into A Tech Career

Feeling in need of a new career direction? Wondering which industry will suit your blend of technical ability, intellectual curiosity and people skills? Then it’s time to look at tech, which offers fantastic opportunities for those with the drive and will to succeed. We take a look at some of the best reasons to position yourself for a tech future!

1. Growing opportunities

Yes, the robots are coming for those white collar jobs in insurance, estate agency, customer services and so forth. However, there is rising demand for all tech roles – from data scientists through to cybersecurity experts (two areas greatly in demand, where skills currently lack and where salary inducements are high!) Choose to reposition yourself for a tech career and you’re lining yourself up for an exciting future with plenty of room for growth and development.

2. Variety

This industry is huge and offers vast potential for variety and challenge. Front-line IT support might interest you or software development in a growing area such as fintech. You might be interested in digital media, web development, technical support or software design. Equally, you might be interested in the management, project delivery and support roles that are available in the industry. Whatever your line or interest, there will be a role for you. Bear in mind too that this is a career path which maps onto every sector, so your prior experience will give you valuable insights into tech applications in different industries and business types.

3. Ease of training

You can take tech training courses and qualifications online, part-time and on a flexible basis around your existing commitments. You may also be able to skill-up within your existing company if you show passion and interest in the field. This is a flexible and growing field and employers are very keen to find new talent.

4. Intellectual challenge

Many people are drawn to tech because it offers genuine intellectual stimulation and problem-solving. Whether you’re working out how best to optimize a data network, fixing a customer helpdesk problem in tech careers, integrating a legacy system with a new CRM package, training new software users or looking to build the next big app in tech careers, there is a huge amount of satisfaction to be had from learning the latest skills and using your brain. This industry never stops and you will always need to be training, learning, developing and upskilling to stay ahead of the curve. These things are precisely what attracts many bright sparks to technology in the first place.

5. Rewards

Because the tech sector is growing and skills are in demand, employers are offering excellent packages to secure top talent and to encourage fresh ideas, expertise and innovation into their businesses. This means that you can look forward to an excellent package when you work in the tech field and great opportunities to further your remuneration, whilst enjoying the advantages of remote working, contracting, flexible opportunities and even the chance to travel, depending on your interests.

So if you’re looking for a stimulating, satisfying, intellectually challenging and rewarding career path in a growing industry with real opportunity, it could be the perfect time to map your existing skill sets to a potential tech career and identify the right route to take you there.


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