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Kinds Of Construction Jobs London Offered By Howard Finley

When it comes to construction labour-hire, no other name comes other than Howard Finley. We’re the best construction labour supply agency that offers construction jobs in Londonin a bulk. Opportunities will kiss your feet once you’re part of this esteemed concern. 

Experienced recruiters work relentlessly to find the best talents in the country. Industry-based service and intricate knowledge about the construction field are the two constant factors that accelerate your success in our agency. Many giant international construction enterprises have laid hands of trust on our shoulders. Our unparalleled service and on-time project completion have been the talk of the town. 

Once you’re a valuable part of Howard Finley, there is no looking back. We offer Construction Jobs London in different domains. So, there is no way that you’ll run out of projects at any point in time in your career. Let’s check out the wide variety of jobs in our construction labour supply agency in London.

Welfare Labourers

This is a profession where you are responsible for checking the well-being of the labourers. You need to assure that the labourers working for our agency are in good health and receiving daily wages timely. 


Labourers are simply the people who are the major units of a construction project. This is one of the major construction jobs in London offered by our agency. 

Telescopic Forklift Drivers

A telescopic forklift can lift loads and extend or retract its telescopic arms to adjust its maximum reach and lift height. If you have relevant skills in driving these vehicles, join us today! 


If you join us for this position, your responsibility will be to direct the movements of the vehicles. You’ll also look after the on-site health and safety. 

Steel Fixers

There are thousands of jobs at a construction site. If you have talents in multiple domains, opportunities are there for you to catch. Nowadays, the window frames are made of steel. You’ll find a thousand other works of steel at a construction site. 


Groundworkers are the key unit of a construction site. They’re associated with digging and all other jobs related to the foundation of your building. Among all construction jobs in London, this is the greatest one. If you want comprehensive construction work, hiring groundworkers is imperative. 


What is a construction site without bricklaying? Professional bricklayers know some unique methods that make the construction project smoother and faster. If you have experience in this field, you’re more than welcome to our agency. 


Woods are irreplaceable. No matter how many metals come and go, a construction project won’t ever be completed without the woodwork. So, carpentry is one of the major Construction Jobs in London offered by Howard Finley. 


Plastering comes as usually the third step of a construction project. Howard Finley hires processional plasterers so that there is no flaw with the project. 


People who know Howard Finley, seal the deal with us for comprehensive projects. Therefore, not only the construction of the building, we supply labourers for completion of the facility as well. Experienced painters and decorators are warmly welcomed to our agency.

Dry liner/Ceiling Fixers

If you have expertise in building false ceilings, Howard Finley can supply you with regular projects. So, don’t hesitate to drop your CV today. We’re searching for the brightest talents in the country. 

Why Should You Take Construction Jobs London Offered By Howard Finley

There are thousands of construction labour supply agencies. Why should you choose us? The reason is simple and easy. We don’t only offer Construction Jobs London, we offer you job security as well. If you want your career graph to rise with time, there is no alternative to choosing us. 

When Brexit and COVID-19 ravaged the construction industry, Howard Finley was the one to supply constant labour. There are numerous Construction Jobs in London but few can find the best suitable workers for them. Howard Finley has achieved that capacity and made itself stand apart from the crowd. 


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