A Protest Led by 10 Nurses Demanding Better Pay and Improved PPE

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the nurses working on the frontline are at more exposure to great risk. Recently, a new campaign led by the group of nurses has seen outside the PM’s office. By protesting with large banners in hands, they called for better pay and improved Personal Protective Equipment. Undoubtedly, this pandemic has affected the lives of several nurses. As a result, vacancies are yet to be filled. Howard Finely serves the purpose of nursing recruitment by providing the required staff. Due to the various issues, the nurses feel stressed and this might be the reason behind the protest against Covid-19. Our wide network of nurse agency supply makes it sure to fight together with the nursing department in the UK.
According to the nurses, they want to protect the public and that’s why proper PPE should be there in place. The safety of the patients affected by Covid-19 matters the most. But, the lack of PPE can result in the rapid spread of this pandemic. A group of 10 nurses raised their voices wearing scrub dresses and face masks demanding a 10% rise in payment and improved PPE. The protestors asked the government to provide FFP3 filtration face masks instead of surgical masks that are not reliable. All these demands seem to be for the personal benefits of the nurses but the members of the campaign believe these demands necessary for the safety of the public.
Obviously lives of the healthcare professionals matter. Those nurses working on the frontline need proper attention and the precautions should be taken seriously. According to the report, thousands of nurses have been affected by Covid-19 since the outbreak of this pandemic. Among those affected nurses, the majority of the infected staff belongs to Asian regions. With such a protest, the future would be better for the nurses and they will have less exposure to danger as compared to today. In these difficult times, Howard Finley covers the broad market by providing the services regarding healthcare recruitment London. Likewise, our experts and professionals are working in other states providing the qualified healthcare staff to the NHS departments.


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