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A Detailed PPE Plan through Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in Reading In Preparation for Expected Covid-19 Second Wave

A Detailed PPE Plan in Preparation for expected Covid-19 Second Wave, the government urged to provide a detailed plan for the availability of PPE. This issue was not dealt with sufficient urgency. Hence, it is expected that in control of healthcare recruitment agencies Reading in the situation might improve in coming days.

With the outbreak of this pandemic, a lot of nurse vacancies are yet to be filled, and it shouldn’t take Covid-19 as an excuse to ignore almost 40,000 nurse vacancies in England. To combat Covid-19, healthcare recruitment agencies in Reading ensure providing the vital staff to the healthcare and social sectors to fill the vacancies.

However, it should focus on the mistakes made during the first wave to make sure it won’t repeat in the second wave. Starting from the procurement and supply, it’s vital to find out where the problems were through quality physical resources appointed by healthcare recruitment agencies Reading. Public Accounts Committee published a report on NHS Capital Expenditure and Financial Management comprises a group of cross-party MPS.

In the report, a series of recommendations were made for the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) regarding action on PPE and shortage of workforce. The role of health recruitment agencies is crucial here. The committee said that “it was concerned over the lack of PPE supplies for healthcare staff amid the first wave of Covid-19. Even, it was not dealt with sufficient urgency; however, the department needs to clearly understand what is needed and how to distribute it.” That is why; the need of healthcare recruitment agencies comes in frame.

Engaging Healthcare recruitment agency Reading

For that reason, the committee of healthcare recruitment agency Reading wants a detailed plan provided by DHSC to clarify its governance arrangements that how the PPE will be supplied and easily accessed by the NHS and healthcare sectors in the future. The committee expects DHSC to provide this detailed plan within two months. The concern on “Staff shortage” in the NHS was also raised in the report and warned that Covid-19 shouldn’t be used as an excuse to cover the serious issues like shortage of workforce.

It is noted that there was a lack of long-term investment in people and training which result in workforce shortage and the fact that NHS England has yet to publish a plan that is further delayed by Covid-19. Bearing the current situation of staff shortage in the country, nursing recruitment has become more vital than before. To fill the vacancies with the skilled staff, Howard Finley has been on the frontline providing the expert hands to the clients.

Besides, healthcare recruitment agencies in reading need to step forward and work together to deal with the crisis effectively. In the report, it is recommended that NHS England and NHS Improvement should work with HEE to evaluate how to improve workforce planning including the integration of training and education funding models to overcome the persistent challenges. Recently, HEE has also announced plans to start an online nurse degree in January 2021.

In response to the report, the spokesperson of DHSC said that the government has rejected the claim made by the committee. “We have been working around to deliver the PPE throughout this pandemic, working with industry, NHS, and armed forces to create a distribution network. 


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