Engineering Recruitment in Reading

Engineering Recruitment in Reading with Howard Finley

Getting a job during difficult times has become twice as difficult. On the other hand, the number of job seekers entering the engineering market due to the pandemic has steeply risen over the past few weeks, with many businesses freezing their recruitment plans until things stabilize.

With Howard Finley’s engineering recruitment in the Reading division, eligible candidates can still be employed. Our consultants are region-specific providing local expertise to ensure a personalized service tailored specifically to meet your recruitment needs. We have our efficient recruitment group that works across a variety of industries. Although new jobs have understandably reduced, there are still engineering clients hiring in the UK with key workers and business-critical staff needed.

Howard Finley offers genuine insights targeting your upcoming social strategies starting from engaging you with the right contacts to preparing you for your dream engineering job. Our recruitment team continuously works and nurture potential clients by providing information on our services creating a WIN-WIN situation for both. 

The change Engineering Recruitment in Reading industry is facing

The engineering recruitment process has understandably changed with it taking place online to protect both the employer and applicant, with video interviews very much leading the way.

Some interview processes have slowed down as businesses look to delay start dates amidst uncertainty. Other recruitment for business-critical roles has become faster, with successful applicants starting their new jobs by working from home until they can safely visit a site or their office.

Be assured that we are working closely with clients and candidates to ensure the recruitment process is clear and safe.

How are we shaping a career of Engineers in the UK with Engineering Recruitment in Reading services?

We are here to advise clients and candidates on the changing infrastructure of the engineering sectors and market trends. Based on that, we organize engineering recruitment in Reading and hire some of the fresh yet efficient talents. We have a very close relationship with our clients and our team of experienced managers often gets featured on industry blogs and related engineering press.

We specialize across all sectors of engineering recruitment in Reading including Power, Aerospace, Automotive, Machinery, Oil and Gas, Defence, Electrical & Electronics, Rail, Marine, Utilities, Food & Drink Manufacturing.

For any requirements regarding engineering recruitment in Reading, get in touch with us today and the right consultant will be more than happy to help.


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