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Does contract disputes due to the pandemic affecting construction recruitment agency business?

Considering the ongoing pandemic situation, construction experts have been worrying about contract disputes. Under the fear of such unavoidable mishap, the construction industry might face financial loss as well as cold behaviour from all the stakeholders. In this situation, conducting new recruitments has become difficult. However, every negative situation comes with plenty of opportunities if those can be recognised wisely on time. This blog will unveil all the current crisis and how construction recruitment agency like Howard Finley is looking for solutions to combat the same.

What are the issues ongoing with a Construction recruitment agency in the UK?

Currently, even the construction leaders are concerning themselves with the delayed projects that are going to be costly and long-running in the near future under the threats of this pandemic. The impact of the virus has been so intense that this 2021 might bring reduced construction activities if the Government fails to take necessary business support schemes on time. On the other hand, the cost of construction wages across the supply chains has increased after the reopening of regular business. Besides, many project claims have been rejected due to these trying times. 

The very obvious reason behind this is the fear of potential financial loss, increased expenses and the prolonged timeline for project completion. New construction activities are not taking place as commercial behaviour has hardened as a line of incomplete and delayed construction projects are already there. 

Bringing solutions as a construction recruitment agency

Howard Finley, as a construction recruitment agency is always up for bringing solutions and searching opportunities even amidst the most difficult times. With the initiatives of the proper administration of construction contracts, the negative impact of the pandemic can be minimized. Moreover, if the delayed projects need to be finished on-time more construction recruitments are very likely to happen in the construction sector. To ensure long term health of the projects; resuming old contracts with old employees and other stakeholders is important. New recruitments are necessary to bring fresh energy, knowledge and team strengths well. 

It is promising that with the interference of the Construction Leadership Council, the disputes are slowly going away with the initiation of positive interaction. On behalf of construction aspirants and a construction recruitment agency, we are hopeful to bring more construction jobs on the plate helping more aspirants to achieve their goals this 2021. 


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