Latest Diabetes Management Apps To Protect Diabetic Patients

Several pieces of research have been conducted since the outbreak of Covid-19. According to the latest research, people having diabetes are at more risk of dying with Coronavirus. Since millions of people have diabetes, NHS has come up with a solution to reduce the risk for such patients. Recently, the Nation Health Service (NHS) has introduced a series of diabetes management apps.

People with diabetes type 1 are three to four times more at risk. However, people having diabetes type 2 are at twice the risk than those without diabetes. Diabetic patients need to manage such conditions properly. NHS ensures helping the people to manage the diabetes level using the introduced apps.

Since people with type 1 are at more exposure to risk, two apps (Digibete and MyType1Diabetes) are being introduced for this condition, and one app for diabetes type 2 that will be available later. According to the NHS, “having the proper ways of managing diabetes could yield better outcomes.”

It will be worrying for people knowing that they are at more risk of dying if they get infected with Covid-19. It can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression as well. With the help of diabetes management apps, NHS has made sure to help the people in such a worse situation. People can get appointments and seek medical assistance using video or telephone.

According to the national specialty advisor on diabetes for NHS, “Access to the trusted information is vital in helping the people to manage their diabetes. NHS empowers the people to look after their own health and reduce the risk.” With the advancement in technology, the healthcare department in the UK has carried out useful initiatives to save the lives of people. People can maintain healthy lifestyles by managing diabetes using such apps.


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