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Government is all set for flexible site working hours

Recently, the government has issued full details regarding reinforcing flexible site working hours. To make the contractors able in complying with social distancing, new legislation came into existence for UK construction agencies. Due to Covid-19, hundreds of workers have died so far.

For that reason, construction recruitment agencies UK need to step forward and play their vital roles, and Howard Finley has been doing this for many years. Local authorities will only have 14 days to get registered on extended working hour’s application as soon as the business and planning bill passed on June 29.

If the application gets approved, those sites with temporary consent can have more flexible working hours until April of next year. Councils have no authority of refusing applications as directed and being told they should not refuse the applications of extended hours to 9 PM without having proper reasons.

Moreover, Demolition Labour Supply, if the local authority fails to respond within 14 days then the construction under flexible working hours will automatically begin. In case of an application for flexible working hours gets refused, developers have the authority to appeal the decision and reapply if necessary to discuss the further options for flexible working hours.

In such tough times where construction agencies the UK thrives for survival, Howard Finley remains upfront providing the vital and demolition labour supply to them. New guidance published by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government that states, “Local planning authorities cannot decline the application of flexible working hours without compelling reasons where it will be extended to 9 PM from Monday to Saturday.”


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